I received an email a few days from Pakistan of a user who is testing theXlsWorkbookSecuring and put me some questions about the use of the template and the licensing system, I'll post here an extract that this response may account for other users on the same issues, will also help to formulate our FAQ which will be published in the near future.

The project in terms of disclosure, is in slow speed because of the feedback we have received from around the world is forcing us to updates to the product, one of them, it will bemore complex and lengthy is the version that can operate in Office14 (Excel 2010) for this 64-bit version works with Office12 vba7 while the 14 and 32bit VBA6 work with, so there arefunctions that have to be completely modified or adapted by the research we've done will notbe an easy task, also found it is possible to write code so that this code vba automatically detect the version and answer with the corresponding code in order not to produce bugs.

We know that reading the manuals can be a chore a little heavy but is absolutely necessary to understand the true scope of this template, there are all the answers to most questions, will berecommended by the Manual Quick start, how it works and advanced manual.

So here's the email:
This project is still in its beta stage, more versions will come up, we are receiving very positive feedback and suggestions for improvement that will make this template to develop a very high level.

We also received information from some people registered in the project that does not work on Office14 XlsWS 64 bits, we tested and confirmed the incompatibility because this version of office works with vba7, so much work must be done until able to make the XlsWS Work with no bugs in this version but we will get for sure.

How does the system of licenses:

When you first open a XlsWS activates a trial license for 15 days (you should always keep a copy of XlsWS unopened for his other projects), when this license stop should in "Licence Panel" click on "Export Request Form SNL" will be created in the same folder of XlsWS a small form in excel file which should open to finish filling, then filled with the required data should send it to vg-excel-gest@hotmail.com.

We will process this file where the CAL will be transformed into NSL (License Serial Number), then a report will be sent to your email address as shown in this link, which explains how to proceed to activate your copy:


We will process this file where the CAL will be transformed into NSL (License Serial Number), then a report will be sent to your email address as shown in this link, which explains how to proceed to activate your copy:

When you take one copy of XlsWS to develop a new project must rename it to your liking (through Windows Explorer, the command "save as" is deliberately disable) and places it in a convenient folder, only then should ask the license, the NSL is only valid for the name and location when they clicked "Export request Form SNL" after licensed if you replace any character in the name or address that NSL will no longer be valid, having to order a new NSL, the first NSL will be valid if you return to put the name and address at the same time ordered the first NSL.

People who want to use XlsWS not buy directly licenses, what they buy in the first instance are credits licenses, that will using over time to exhaust this credit.

License credits are selling now in two packages for XlsWS 3ds and a package for the XlsWS 1Ds can see here:


Right now our main objective is not to sell licenses, but to make that potential user candidates exhaustively test the XlsWS and report errors, give opinions and tell us that according to the philosophy of XlsWS, their specific needs, so we can take full advantage of this stage is still Beta to make develop the product in the meaning of needs of potential users and move on slowly to the next stage, delivering a final product of high quality and flexible, there is still much work to do so.

As such, with the inscription for download that you did on 10/11/15 officially offer you 2 credits for licenses that may be extended if you need more, just to write it to vg-excel-gest @ hotmail.com and tell us as were the first experiments with XlsWS and will offer you the credits you need to continue the experience. The credits now offer never exceeded the expiration and can be consumed even when the project will move to the final stage and professional distribution.

The size of files you can work with the XlsWs is the same as your system is equipped cope, but as stated earlier versions of existing not function in Office14 64bit, I think to work with files larger than 100MB should use this version, i never worked with Excel files with more than 2mg, part of a practice that impose for my projects we take more efficiency if we divide a large project for more than one file.

It's all, I hope you XlsWS be useful, as final advice is to read the manuals provided with the product to understand the true scope of the XlsWS, start with the quick manual and follow up to the advanced manual, it is also important to read the license agreement, if you have questions do not dis you to contact us.

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