You received a copy of XlsWorkbookSecuring and 15 days have passed since its opening question - "And now the template does not open!, I have a project using this template!"

Of course it does not open! The licensing system does not leave open without first registering a serial number valid license (NSL). So it's very simple follow these steps to receive the NSL valid for this copy:

- Open the template will show the panel "License Protection"
- In this panel click "Export Request Form SNL"
- Created a form in Excel in the same folder where the template, you must open the file and fill in the blank fields (in this case e-mail) and the fields are not required so well understand, record and send that file to
--Wait until you receive your email in a PDF report containing the corresponding NSL and CAL sent to us.
- Finally follow the steps contained in this report to activate your copy definitely.

After activating your copy should not change anything in your address or name, theNSL will be valid if you do, having to ask for another NSL.
The copies of the XlsWS should only be activated as well when deciding on whichdirectory will be installed and what will be its final name.

Example of an NSL Report:
Would you like to control copies of your spreadsheets through an activation key like a software?

Would you like to control the users of those spreadsheets through a register of those users with different privileges, with username and password?

Would you like to protect and view each sheet of this Excel workbook in a different way, custom, fast, efficient and automatic?

This is XlsWorkbookSecuring, a blank Excel workbook with all these features pre-programmed ready for use.

Now if you then develop on this template you want to distribute the book through your license with a trial period for your customers?

With XlsWorkbookSecuring you can assign a trial license for 30 days for your customers to test your spreadsheet, these past thirty days they will have to buy a license to you and only to yo through an activation key.

This template is in its second beta release of version the RC (Release Candidate) is completely free of macro viruses and only contains procedures to meet their features, see the license agreement,  please can test this template and return feedback for those who returned feedback credits offer free licenses.

Fill out this simple form to be able to download the two versions of the product available: