We publish here the code table ColorIndex property, these codes will be missed to the users of XlsWorkbookSecuring V1.2.8, in addition to this version we fix some minor bugs and made it compatible with the 64bit version of Excel.

In this version were also added three more display elements in the matrix of protection and viewing:

GridlineColor (color of grid lines)

MoveAfterReturnDirection Down (default markup without the matrix assumes to
 right, if you want the cursor to move down will have to check the option)

Worksheet to select after login / protect (the (s) administrator (s) may mark the sheet that
 want to be selected after login or after protect the workbook)

To use the element GridlineColor, the (s) administrator (s) should not be used to mark a character but the color code you want for the grid lines, code colores presented in the table below:

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