We already know that XlsWS have three dimensions of protection,can work only with 1D or 1D +2 D or 1D +2 D +3 D, to simplify thingswe will provide only 1D and 3D versions.

The size 1D (licensing spreadsheet) + 2D (user control) without the matrix of protection not make much sense, since the user control is connected to the matrix of protection but this is an issue that remains for a future post .

The focus of this post is the XlsWS 1D, because of its simplicity, for those who just want to protect an Excel workbook to prevent unauthorized copying.

In summary this template addresses the need for a large percentage of Excel users every day in forums asking the world how they shoulddo to avoid copying their spreadsheets when they want to distribute them.

The answers are very vague and the "Experts and Gurus" sometimesdo not want to uncover the whole cloth, because each one has its own method and more or less secret.

And indeed there is any reason for such reserves, if only not to put in the hands of any "pseudo" advanced user some complex VBA code that can be handled poorly.

So what did VG-EXCEL-GEST?, Through the project BECUL (BaseExcel users to control licensing and copy protection) saw a business opportunity to explore, why not develop a standard system, pre-programmed to serve users Excel, even for those who do not dominate the shape tool including advanced VBA or not, simply having the need to protect Excel books from being copied.There are a few and not many software that do this work but indirectly, and some need an addin or ddl for licenses to take effect, are often expensive and inaccessible to ordinary users of Excel, they are millions.

What we did was to insert the license generation embedded in the template, being completely freed from reliance on any ddl or addin, it is clear that it would be necessary to ensure that the license wasalways controlled every time you open the Excel file.

This is achieved through the compilation will feature the Excel file in executable format (EXE) that allows you to run vba project regardless of the level of macro security.

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