1 - Its use is extremely easy, it is a blank template with features advanced copy protection, control users, array of automation to protect and display Excel worksheet in your workbook.

2 - The template is also provided with only the licensing module (1D).

3 - Your compilation exe lets you add several protection features such as:
- Handle the instance and version of Excel that will open with the template
- Strengthening the security of the project and file vba
- Open an own instance without supplements
All these features are customizable.

4 - The template works with a trial license divided into two periods, one of themcustomizable for redistribution by our customers, only available in 3D version.

5 - Expired licenses trial, the template will only work through the registration of a NSL(Serial No. of license) should be required to vg-excel-gest@hotmail.com us by email,watch video on youtube http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FlnI7bp8eU.

6 - To license template you do not acquire credits of licenses but licenses that willconsuming NSL that each request, licenses will be sold in packages, which will be 1 NSL  a very low price.

7 - In the registry to we automatically download the template offer two credits in order to license the license template and continue to experience, if they need more credits, just write to us at vg-excel-gest@hotmail.com we will offer you more credits.

8 - This is still a beta phase of the project, only are to be released two versions of the template 3D s n4 exe (exe version without editing macros, level 4 license) and 1D sexe n4 see on http://vg-excel-gest.blogspot.com/2011/09/tabela-de-versoes-disponiveis-vs.html http://vg-excel-gest-products.weebly.com/3/post/2011/09/-primeira-publicao.html

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